What You Need To Know About Medicare Insurance

17 Apr

Medicare insurance is federal health insurance for US citizens. Medicare insurance cover is eligible for specific people. One of the requirement to qualify for Medicare is by been 65 years and above. Other than that you must have worked for the federal government for a specific period set on the Medicare laws. It’s through the employment that you make payments for Medicare insurance. Apart from that when you have a disability and enrolled in social disability fund for more than two years you qualify for Medicare insurance. In this case, age does not count. The other instance that is considered more in accessing Medicare insurance is when you have a terminal illness like kidney failure. The other beneficiary for Medicare insurance is a spouse of a person who receives Social security. When you have resided in the US for a period exceeding 5 years you are required to buy Part A or Part B of the Medicare premium.

There are various benefits once you are enrolled in the Medicare program. In the case for 65 years and above, Medicare insurance covers costs when you are admitted to the hospital or when you are enrolled at a nursing facility or home. Unlike when you do not have Medicare insurance, you do not pay for any of these services, it’s already catered for. This is part A of Medicare insurance. The other part B requires a monthly premium which covers the doctor’s charges and some other medical services plus the supplies you need.

To sign up for Medicare is done while applying for social security. Most people when they turn 65 years are faced with the challenge of accessing the benefits of Medicare. It is required to notify the social security office three months prior to your 65th birthday so that they can have time to verify if you are eligible. Note that there are charges for late application of Medicare insurance after your 65 birthday.

To avoid confusion while accessing Medicare you need to know what is not covered. When you need special aid like assisted walking, bathing and some other basic activities note that this is not covered in Medicare. There are several other medical requirements that are not covered on Medicare like Dental care, routine checks ups, prescription drugs not listed on the insurance. Also note that cosmetic surgery and special need in the nursing room like TV, are not covered by Medicare insurance. To read more about the benefits of insurance, visit http://www.ehow.com/personal-finance/insurance/.

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